Transport yourself

And cargo-up at Synple

Are you looking for a dynamic environment with a diverse team and challenging problems? Dreaming of working for a startup which uses the latest technologies to change the way we transport goods? Looking for direct responsibility and your own decision-makings? Then Synple could be a good match. 

We are continually looking for smart and motivated people from software engineers to user-experience designers. A history in logistics or transportation is beneficial but not necessary. Above all else we are looking for people who are passionate and motivated. Someone who is willing to go the extra mile - or in our case reduce these extra miles - to make the logistics chain green and sustainable. Below you will find a list of openings we are looking to fill right now. 

For us it's Synple

realtime cross chain collaboration, to increase synergy between transport companies. And for you?

Clojure developer
Product development
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
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  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our enthusiastic builders of the future

AKA the people you will work with

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Alex de Wit
Thumb avatar 1512569446
Christel Marinus
Thumb avatar 1512569445
Carlo Sciolla
Thumb avatar 1512569446
Davide Taviani
Thumb avatar 1520353953
Eugenio di Leo
Thumb avatar 1518095783
Jan Wijma
Thumb avatar 1512569447
Joost Diepenmaat
Thumb avatar 1521018857
Juana de la Cuesta
Thumb avatar 1513171121
Kirill Salykin
Thumb avatar 1521019188
Lotte van Dooren
Thumb avatar 1512569447
Machiel Resink
Thumb avatar 1518528167
Marina Hader
Thumb avatar 1512569448
Marjon Boidin
Thumb avatar 1520867364
Marloes Koijen
Thumb avatar 1512569448
Niels Aulman
Thumb avatar 1520354233
Rens van Rijckevorsel
Thumb avatar 1512569448
Remco van 't Veer
Thumb avatar 1512569449
Roderick Rodenburg
Thumb avatar 1512569449
Roeland Oosterloo
Thumb avatar 1512569449
Roy van den Heuvel
Thumb avatar 1518095974
Sabrina Couto
Thumb avatar 1512569450
Sophie Schmeets
Thumb avatar 1513171185
Tancredi Orlando

Our offices

HQ Breda & TQ Amsterdam

Our other office in Amsterdam

TQ Amsterdam
Singel 542,
1017 AZ Amsterdam

HQ Breda

Meerten Verhoffstraat 1 (B2)
4811 AR, Breda

Synple explanation - What we do and how

(Our apologies that it's in Dutch)